Remac1 have the Equipment to ensure a quality outcome for every project

Somero S-15R Laser Screed

The S-15R Laser Screed® concrete leveling machine screeds 15m2 per pass with 6 metres telescopic boom reaching out over the concrete. The powerful hydraulic system controls the elevation of the plow and auger to maintain grade so you can get a much smoother surface

Skid Steer Loaders

Our full size Cat and mid size Husky skid steers allow us to complete bulk earth works, sub-grade and sand up works quickly and efficiently without the need of sub-contract machines to complete our works packages.

3ton Smooth Drum Roller

The 3 ton smooth drum roller in integral to preparation of slab on ground sub-grades for concrete hardstand and industrial floors.

Tractor & Laser Blade

Tractor driven laser controlled box grader ensures super accurate sub-grades and uniform concrete depth on slab on grade works.

Ride on Trowel Machines

Ride on Trowelling Machines are placed on the slab when the concrete has cured to complete the process and give the best finished surface. For the construction of floors of significant size, riding trowels have become indispensable. They are productive and can provide very flat finishes.

Walk Behind Trowel Machines

Used for floating and finishing large concrete slabs or on concrete that is too stiff to otherwise handle utilizing manual tools. Compared to ordinary hand tools, power trowels significantly increase production and reduce costs by their ability to finish more square meterage of a slab area per day. At the same time they improve quality of the concrete surface and help to maintain flatness on the slab.